Day 3 - Izayah, a seven year tradition

My annual shred with Izayah.  It's probably the only day we have to ride together this season as it's suppose to rain tomorrow and then I start work on Thursday.  We reached the Roundhouse just before noon and we were met with snowflakes, fair temps, and light winds.  The snow was very nice but only groomed runs are filled in so terrain is still very limited.  The base has reached 62cm at least.

We warmed up down Ego Bowl and on our second lap we hit the new bike trail off Whiskey Jack.  So much fun.  Too bad we won't be allowed to take our classes through there once work starts.  We then made our way down to Red Chair.  The conditions at lower elevations are a bit more icy, especially on the narrow cat track just before the lift.

Chris took Izayah's brother and cousin to the Super Carpet and Izayah wanted to see how they were doing so we made the decision to ride down via Olympic Run.  It's a temporary boundary right now which means it's not groomed and it's not patrolled.  I knew it was going to be an adventure.  The first half of the run was lots of heavy snow.  We quickly ran into a couple of creeks and lots of grass sticking out of the snow in spots.  It took us a while and we were both exhausted by the time we reached mid-station but we did finally reach our destination.  We found Chris and the kids and helped them on the Super Carpet for the remainder of the afternoon.

Day 2 - RST on the snow

For the first time in all the years I've worked at Ski School, this is the first time they've scheduled training before we actually start work.  Good idea because I didn't have to take a day off to do five hours of training, nor did I have to spend a day off doing training.

It was great to see most of the gang back:  Gunner, Ellen, Jon, Steve, Mathias.  We met with Tall Sean at Whistler Kids for 10am and loaded into the gondola.  Conditions up top were heavy winds and lots of snowfall.  We took a few runs and talked about Safety, new Flaiking, etc etc.  It was quite busy on the trails for a Monday.  I guess some of the local schools didn't have classes today.  We spent a couple hours at the Roundhouse discussing more and then took another lap after lunch.  We finished up just around 3pm.  It snowed in the Village for most of the afternoon and evening.  Still only three runs open.