Day 9 - one lap with Kalen

We decided last night that we would ride today and meet up with Kalen.  We forgot to check the weather conditions when we woke up.  We headed up early in order to finish early.  The plan was to ride on Blackcomb and once we hit traffic before Creekside, we thought we would park at Creekside and take the Peak 2 Peak over and meet Kalen.

When we loaded on Red Chair we quickly realized the winds were gusting today (50-90kph) and Peak 2 Peak was on standby with no Alpine lifts open either.  We took a couple laps down the gondola line and headed in for coffee.  Met Kalen in the Roundhouse and chit chatted for a couple hours as the wind howled outside.

Day 8 - a few laps with Bel

With lessons being so slow in Snowboard School, I requested today off so I could shred some laps with Bel.  We started off on Peak Chair but headed towards Harmony as the drop into West Bowl seemed quite brutal and the runs off the backside of Peak were closed.  Dropped down towards Symphony and found some nice snow at the bottom of Sun Bowl.  Back up Harmony and we dropped into Sun Bowl.  The snow was kind of chunky.  Nothing horrible but nothing epic.  Finally one last run off the TBars down to Red Chair and then we headed in for coffee and chit chat.  It was good to get out and not have to lap green runs for a change.