Day 87 - jug it! jug it!

Still busy in snowboard lessons with another 65 kids.  Lil Rippers slowed with only eight instead of sixteen like the previous day.  No new snow overnight and the weather had a bit of everything:  flurries, sun, clouds, and rain at the end of the day in the Village.  I was floating and ended up taking three level one kids.  Two of them could side slip on their toes but not their heels, and one kid had never snowboarded before and he wanted nothing to do with it.  In fact, he did two laps down the Magic Carpet and literally gave up.  There was nothing any of us could do to convince him to keep giving it a go, so he ended up in the Den for about an hour before he joined the rest of the group for lunch.  To my surprise, after lunch he headed out with the other boys and just started to snowboard.  We were all pretty psyched and he ended up having a half way decent day.  But, to quote the kid, "I am never doing this again!" 

Day 86 - first day of Spring

Spring has sprung and so has the spring-breakers!  We had almost 90 kids in snowboard lessons including Lil Rippers.  No new snow fell overnight and it was partly sunny/partly cloudy through most of the day.  Temps were very cold first thing in the morning then the freezing level went up to 1300m by the afternoon.

I was assigned to float and I was happy to do so.  I was sure I was going to get a level one or level two class when two sisters showed up after 9am.  They were both level three but one was a Lil Ripper and her older sister, who was 8yrs old wanted to be in the same class.  I was happy to take the both of them (and only them as it turned out) -- we spent the day slowly ambling down the green runs.  Conditions of the trails were soft packed on the groomers up high and it turned to slush below mid-station by the end of the afternoon.