Day 66 - less yapping, more strapping

Day two of Adventure Camp.  No new snow to report and still over 500 kids in ski and snowboard lessons based in the Village.  We started today on the Olympic Chair.  The sun was shining and the groomers were nice.  We did two laps on Fantastic then ran down to the Village a couple times before lunch.  After lunch we took a long lap from the Roundhouse back to the CLC where I had the kids practice bending their knees on a jump for the remainder of the day.  All are improving day by day.  I am hopeful that by Friday they will be able to turn down a black diamond like Dave Murray.

Day 65 - Prez Week Adventure Camp

I've enjoyed my three days off and it's back to the grind with Adventure Camp.  The Village was super busy this morning and lessons were even busier.  We had 24 kids in snowboard Adventure Camp, and another 30 in Destination.  I was assigned to level two and signed in three kids.

12cm of snow fell overnight and it looks like that will be the only snow that falls for the next week.  It was warm and sunny with some clouds throughout the day.  It was nearly 10am by the time we reached the CLC and it wasn't until noon when we had our teams sorted.  My team shook out to be a five kids, four boys and one tiny girl.  We are a very low level three.  Spent the afternoon on the Olympic Chair working on our turns and tomorrow we should be able to head up to the Roundhouse after lunch.