Da 65 - super duper forgetful

Most of the tourists have left town and lessons have quieted down.  We only had a total of ten riders in snowboard lessons.  I was assigned Lil Rippers and three were signed up but I only ended up with one because they were all different levels.  

The day started out as mostly cloudy and a bit chilly at the CLC area.  Kayden was a local kid from Spring Creek and this was his second snowboard lesson.  He was able to sideslip on both edges so we worked on turning for most of the day.  He was a cool kid, very athletic and very well behaved.  By the early afternoon the sun had come out and the snow had softened up.  At the end of the day, I made a jump for the little guy before having to download the gondola to get back together with Mom and Dad.  

Day 64 - last day of nine

This blog is getting quite boring.  Nothing new to report.  Sun was still shining.  Temps were still above normal.  No new snow overnight.  It was still a bit busy as it's the last day of Presidents' Week.  The boys and I spent the day on green runs.  They're low level three's and need as much mileage as possible.  They are improving every day.  It would be fun to get them to experience some powder (if it ever snows).

Presidents' Week was busy and I completed my nine day work week.  Unfortunately, the following week is now dead.  I've been given Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off.  As of Sunday, there was only 1 kid signed up for snowboard lessons for Tuesday.  I'm expecting to get called of on Tuesday as well.