Day 45 - crab people

Only 2 out of my 3 Club kids showed up for lessons today.  The rain has stopped, though it was still warm and cloudy.  We started the day on the Super Carpet where one kid mastered his turns and the other kid just couldn't get it.  After a snack break, we practiced again at the CLC before eating lunch.

After lunch we managed to fit in a couple of runs down to the Village.  Conditions were Spring-like and slushy.  It didn't seem too busy on the hill overall.  I heard the slopes up top were quite icy but I don't know that for sure.  I still finished the day with wet socks but the day went by quite quickly.

Day 44 - Pineapple Express rain rain rain

January is turning out to be a not-so-epic January.  Yesterday it rained all day up to 3,500 meters.  I didn't work (thank goodness) but I did spend the day on my couch watching the rain.  Today was no different … it was a wet one.  Snow base has dwindled down to 135cm.

My Club kids were promptly ready at 8:45am to roll so we headed to the Roundhouse.  The snow was soft and it was best to stay on the groomers.  We did close to three runs in the rain before heading in for lunch.  It was about this time I could start to feel the water seeping into my socks.

After lunch,  Ellen wanted to ride together since she has Amalia and I have Oak.  Amalia and Oak are two different levels now and they aren't having any fun in Club being separated.  We went over to Blackcomb and ran down the GMC race course then took a lap through the Terrain Garden before heading into Rendezvous to dry off and warm up with some hot chocolate.  The rain had dried out a bit in the afternoon but we were already wet so it didn't matter.  The kids enjoyed doing lots of penguin slides on the last run out.