Day 82 - you are so kind

4cm overnight and snow base is up to 188cm.  woot!  It snowed in the Village in the morning but turned to rain all the way up to the Roundhouse by 11am.

Another busy day with over 40 kids in lessons.  I was once again assigned level 3's and had a full class by 9am.  We headed up the gondola and found lots of powder between Whiskey Jack and Ego Bowl.  The kids had fun, heck … I had fun!  We managed to find fresh snow all the way to Emerald Chair and we managed to sneak in two laps before lunch!  Even though we were in the Family Zone, it was quite fun.

After lunch was a different story.  The snow had turned to light rain and the powder had disappeared.  Conditions turned to mostly soft and slushy.  I wanted to keep things fun for the kids so we ventured into Marmot Trees.  That always kills a ton of time, so we only had one more run to do before it was time to head home for my weekend.

Day 81 - the Weird Family

4cm of snow fell overnight bringing the snow base up to 185cm.  It was cloudy in the morning and quite chilly up high but winds were calm.  It was quite foggy up there until noon.

I was assigned level 4's but ended up taking level 3's.  I had a full class card as over 40 kids were taking snowboard lessons.  My class ended up being three boys from Whistler who were high level skiers and three "destination" kids.  Typically with level three's, they start the day with very bad technique and we spend the day trying to correct that technique.  Today was no different.  We spent the morning on greens -- nothing exciting.  The best part of the day was venturing into Marmot Trees.  With all the recent snowfall, the trees are covered and Marmot was packed down with soft snow.  It was a pleasant surprise.  The kids loved it and it was fun to finally venture off those boring groomers that we've been shredding since the beginning of February.