Day 104 - Spring never sprung

Last day of Whistler Blackcomb winter operations and last day for Whistler mountain to offer skiing and snowboarding.  Believe it or not, there was 10cm of nice fresh snow overnight.  It was also the last day of Whistler Kids.  Snowboarding was quite busy with 15 kids and 2 Lil Rippers.  I was assigned to level fours and only had one kid.  The day was easy but the day was long and only because the last thing I wanted to do was to snowboard.  The snow was okay first thing in the morning but it didn't take long to get quite sticky.  Once you hit Chic Pea it was definitely spring-like conditions and got slushier the lower you went down.  Weather was also all over the board with lots of fog, icy rain/snow and some sun.  Now it's time for the snow to melt so the crew can get the bike park opened.  Bring on summer!

Day 103 - three hundred sixty seven centimeter snow base

Whistler mountain will only be open for three more days.  Just this week the snow base measured 371cm!  I don't think any snow is forecasted for the remainder of the season, so we won't be hitting a 400cm mark but it was close.  The snow from the Roundhouse to the Emerald Chair this morning was quite nice.  The groomers did a nice job and there was a couple centimeters of fresh snow on top of the corduroy.  By late morning, everything had turned to "spring-like" conditions including lots of slush on the lower mountain.

We had 13 kids in snowboard lessons with no Lil Rippers.  I had the level threes and I only had one boy who I had the other day.  We spent the morning riding the Family Zone and working on some advanced turns.  He was signed out after lunch so I took a boy from Bea's level two class who wasn't quite ready to go to the Olympic Chair like the rest of her class was.  After spending an hour on the covered carpet with him, I decided to take him down to the Village.  He did okay.  At the end of the day, we rode to the Village again with Bea's class.  The slush was quite fun but it makes huge puddles in my boots at the end of the day.