Day 96 - four days short of one hundred

I was on the schedule to work and assigned to level threes today.  With only 6 kids signed up for lessons, I was happy to work but I was also happy to not get work.  Between the amazing snow conditions and a new bike sitting in my living room, I knew I could find more fun things to do.

Once all the kids signed in and were sorted, it turned out there were no level threes so I was off for the day (and the season).  I headed up to the Roundhouse to take a quick lap.  If I was smart enough to bring my ski jacket, I would have easily spent much more time up there ripping around in the best pow of the season but the only jacket I had was my uniform and I didn't want to ride in uniform.  So I dropped into into the powder from Whiskey Jack and enjoyed a soft packed rip down Olympic where it was fresh corduroy the entire way.  I met with Georgi a half hour later and ripped Tunnel Vision on the new steed.  That's it, that's all for 2014/2015.  Pray for snow in 2015/2016!  

Day 95 - winter arrives

Whistler Blackcomb reported only a few centimeters of new snow fell overnight.  It snowed all day.  In fact, it was a blizzard for most of the day at the CLC.  In the last 24hrs, we received 10cm of snow but I think that is a highly conservative number.  I was at the CLC all day but I overheard people, who had an opportunity to ski up top, say that the snow was amazing and it was a proper powder day.  The snow base is officially 207cm,  the highest its been all season.

Ten kids came into snowboard lessons today and I had two from England who were never-evers.  They were both 12 year old high level skiers wanting to give snowboarding a go.  I thought they would do well and I was correct.  By the end of the day, they were both turning down the Covered Carpet.  The day went by quite quickly for having level ones.  Both kids were quite athletic, highly intelligent, and very engaging.  I enjoyed teaching them.