Day 70 - it's finally over!

For the last day of winter operations on Whistler Mountain, it was quite busy in Snowboard Lessons.  We had 21 kids with only 5 Instructors.  It made for an interesting morning when 8 level 5/6 showed up and another 5 level fours.  We had to summon Jose from Ride Tribe to come help.

I was assigned to level twos and I had two kids who didn't talk much.  We spent the morning at the CLC and hit the Olympic Chair in the afternoon.  We got in four laps on the chair where I soaked in as much sun as possible on that 20min ride up the hill.  Both kids made it to level three and I'm happy for winter to be over so I can start biking.

Day 69 - HEL-0

Another sunny day at work with only 15 kids in snowboard lessons.  I was getting my review so I was given level three and only had one girl whom I had the day before.  She was keen to improve her snowboarding so it was easy to help her out.  We spent the day on greens and blues in the Family Zone on Whistler.  Bel followed us around in the afternoon.  It was a lucky day for the kid:  private lesson with two Instructors.  Happy to report her riding did improve quite a bit.  : )