Day 20 - chicken noods

Rain is creeping in but we got lucky today and it didn't start sprinkling until 2pm.  I was assigned level two's and quickly filled up a class card of kids who were in the same level yesterday.  We started the day on the Super Carpet where the corduroy was hard packed.  We took it easy in the morning and waited for the snow to soften up.  By the time the day finished, we had boarded on the Super Carpet, by the Super Tube, Olympic Chair, and a run down to the Village.

Day 19 - half day

Back to work after a couple of days off.  Warmer temps have hit the area with substantial precipitation forecasted for the end of the week.  Today was wet but not a soaker.  I was assigned level ones and had one kid from Mississippi.  Snowboard lessons had a total of 14 big kids and 6 Lil Rippers.  

It turned out my kid had snowboarded before and he was actually a level two and not a level one.  So after spending the morning on a wet Magic Carpet, I gave my kid to higher level class and made a run for the Village after lunch.