Day 42 - oh, skis inside??

29cm of snow overnight!  Heavy snow from what I heard.  First few turns are okay but it wasn't nothing to get excited about.  Good because I was assigned to Lil Rippers and wasn't going anywhere near the top of the mountain today.  It snowed at the CLC first thing in the morning but gradually turned to rain as the day went on.  I only had one Ripper (thankfully) so it was an easy day and we spent most of the time inside keeping dry.

Day 41 - pee nut butt er

Storm came in mostly in the form of rain or heavy snow.  It was still quite busy in the Village first thing in the morning.  High winds caused the gondi to run super slow and with over 300 kids in Snow School, the lift lines took forever.  I didn't mind as the longer you stayed in the queue, the longer you stayed dry.  Also, because of the winds, the only lifts running for awhile were Village Gondola and Creekside Gondola.  Garbanzo got up and running around 10:30am but I don't think Emerald Chair ever ran.  If it did, it wasn't until the afternoon.

I was given level three's and I filled up a class card quite quickly.  We did a run from Roundhouse back to the CLC.  I had a big split in the class but I managed to keep it fun for everybody.  Besides, it rained all day so it wasn't like we spent too much time snowboarding anyhow. 

It was snowing at the top of Roundhouse and the snow was heavy.  Once you got to the bottom of Emerald Chair, it changed to freezing rain with rain definitely at mid-station and into the Village.  8cm were recorded overnight.  Lots of precip coming tonight into all day tomorrow with forecasted freezing levels at 2000 metres.