Day 16 - I did not get a class

3cm of snow fell overnight.  Ski School was busier than Snowboard School with 70 skiers compared to 12 riders.  I was assigned to RFID the skiers and Sean hadn't assigned me a class.  I knew that meant I wasn't going to work and I was a bit upset about it.  I headed up the gondola around 9:30am with Nick and Steve, who also didn't get classes.  We hung around for about 45 minutes before Shimmy told us we could head down and check in with Adults.

It was lightly snowing in the Village when I left and I decided to drive down to Squamish and ride my bike.  So that's what I did.  It made me feel a lot better about not getting to work today.  Scheduled to work the next two days, when things are picking up for Christmas, so I guess it won't be so bad in the long run … and by long run, I mean my paycheck.

Day 15 - Jameson & Guinness

Mid-way through December, our snow base is 90cm and most of that is man made.  Most runs are still closed, including Lower Whiskey Jack and Jolly Green Giant area.  We haven't had any new snow in a couple of days and runs were a bit icy today.  Snow guns are still firing here and there.

We had 10 kids signed up for snowboard lessons and I had one Lil Ripper.  It was a typical Ripper day with runs on the Magic Carpet, long breaks and colouring.  Anna was from England and she had the best accent.  She was quite a talker and quite a rider too.