Day 48 - Mountain Exploration

The rains subsided and the flurries continued.  Temps went back down to normal leaving most of the mountains hard packed/icy.  We had a training day called Mountain Exploration.  Not a mandatory training but I decided to tag along because it's usually fun.  Unfortunately I only made it to one run because I didn't feel like dealing with the conditions.  Snow was okay to just about the bottom of Emerald Chair.  The snow higher up was good but the awesomeness that once was (last week) is gone.  I didn't even snowboard to the bottom.  I downloaded from the Roundhouse.

Day 47 - and then came the rains

Another 15 inches fell in the last 24 hours bringing the snow base to a height of 327cm.  Unfortunately the freezing levels rose and the amazing powder is now something similar to what I can guess is "elephant snot".

It wasn't very busy in Whistler Kids, and I didn't get a chance to go to the Roundhouse but it was snowing at the Roundhouse level all day.  I had one kid in level two and by lunch I managed to get him up to level 3 so after lunch I peaced out and went home.