Day 1 - Happy Opening Day!

Whistler opened with a whopping 34cm base today.  It's mid-November, and we haven't had any snow in the Village yet.  It's not a good start to the season but fingers are crossed it gets better.  I met Pippa in the Village at 9am.  We climbed into a new gondola cabin and headed up to the Roundhouse.  As you can guess, a 34cm base doesn't leave much open for runs.  We headed for Red Chair as we worked the kinks out of our muscles.  I managed to muster up three runs in total.  The snow to the Emerald Chair wasn't bad.  Ego Bowl was the place to be, and everyone was in Ego Bowl.  I made it make to the locker room exactly two hours after reaching the Round House.  It wasn't much, but it was something.  Let the season begin.

Day 112 - The Unit

Ahhhh … Friday!  Last day of Adventure Camp and possibly last day of work.  That would mean it may possibly be my last "ride" of the season, however I am scheduled to work on Monday.
The morning started out with clouds and wind.  It was cold on the Super Carpet, where we spent close to an hour before the kids got tired.  Our plan was to take all three of them to the Village in the afternoon but I realized that the weakest one wasn't going to make it all that way so I knew I would be staying back on the Magic Carpet with him.

The snow in the morning was hard packed and we were interested to see how the boys would do in those conditions.  They did about the same as in the slush.  In the afternoon, the sun came out for most of the time and the snow softened up to it's usual slushy-ness.  Bel took Hamish and Lucas to the Village where they started turning a bit better.  I stayed behind with Noah, who really had no interest in snowboarding all week.  But he was happy to be in Snow School and hanging around with us.  Darren had his level threes jumping a gap and over kids.  Quite amusing.  We painted the boys faces again to kill some time in the late afternoon.  At the end of the day, the parents thanked us for a great week and showed their appreciation by tipping nicely.  It was a decent last week to the end of the season.