Day 14 - Too much sugar!

Another slow day in Whistler Kids, however snowboarding picked up two more kids from yesterday so we had a total of six.  I was quite tired of teaching in the beginner zone so my boss assigned me to the one level four kid.  This kid has been here all week, he's also been here in previous seasons and it's safe to say we (all the instructors) all know the kid very well because he has some behavior issues. The biggest annoyance is that he doesn't do the exercises given so he hasn't improved at all in the last two seasons.

It was super warm up top with the continued high pressure inversion.  Snow base is currently at 143cm and we are in need of more snow.  Unfortunately, nothing is coming for as far as the forecast is forecasted out.

Day 13 - His hands smell like crayons!!

Another slow day in Whistler Kids snowboard lessons.  Two big kids and two lil rippers.  One of the Rippers was four years old and he was going to ride with his sister, who was six.  I was asked to take that class since there was a four year old.  I was told they could both turn but "good luck getting him to turn" --- meaning the four year old.

After getting their picture taken by Coast Mountain, we took a few laps on the covered carpet where both of them showed signs of being able to turn.  We then headed up the gondola for a long lap before lunch.

We are still having an inversion so temperatures up top reached +4°C -  The sun was shining and it was another blue bird day.  Whiskey Jack was groomed and the hard packed green trail wasn't icy.  It was quite soft and nice to ride on.

Of course, once we disembarked from the gondola, strapped on our snowboards, the Ripper wanted no part of turning.  He was happy to slide slip on his heels.  There was nothing I could do to convince him to turn.  Needless to say we spent the rest of the lesson in the beginner area at mid-station.